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Postby CellMasterChef » Wed Oct 25, 2006 7:42 pm

I can't find the cultures of reading Pa. It's for requirement #8.
I have Art, Leather Work, Mammal Study, Envi. Sci., First Aid, Emergency Prep, and I forget the rest. I will be a CIT up at Hawk Mountain Scout Camp.
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Postby jhawk » Wed Oct 25, 2006 9:02 pm

Look around! What is your culture? That of your neighbors? Are there ethnic churches in your town (Greek Orthodox, Ukrainian, Polish Catholic...)? Are there ethnic festivals held there, like Scottish Highland games, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, fiestas, a big St. Patrick's day celebration, Chinese New Year....? Sometimes telephone books have a yearly calendar of such events. The local chamber of commerce may be a good source for that info, too. Who settled your town? Were there a lot of German immigrants, Italians, Irish, etc? Many of those cultures will still be present in the community. Call a local historical society. Check the phone book for community centers like an Italian-American club, or ethnic clubs like a German-American club. Some merit badge requirements, like this one, are really to help you learn about things that aren't necessarily found in a book or on an internet site. Some just require you to look around you or within you to find the answer. You can probably already answer most of these questions already. Pick a way to demonstrate your knowledge that you are comfortable with. Do a powerpoint presentation or take photos if that is your thing. Write a brief history if that suits you. It's okay to enjoy your merit badges and make them fun! Some people would lead you to believe that they are huge obstacles to be overcome with requirements to be memorized for life. They are meant to be educational, to expose you to new ideas and knowledge, to spark an interest, to broaden your mind and abilities in some way. Which ones you keep with you for life depend on how meaningful it was for you. Do the requirements to the best of your ability and have a good time with it if you can. Tackle any badge you choose with that attitude and your scouting career will be richer. Good luck!
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Postby WeeWillie » Thu Oct 26, 2006 2:44 am

I assume you are referring to Cit in the Community MB.I did a Google search on Reading PA and got all sorts of info about Reading. For example, the city has a web page that includes demographic information. Recently, Reading has have an influx of immigrants from a Hispanic Country.

Don't be so quick to ask for help. Part of the intention of the merit badge is to do some research on you community. Drive through your town. If you do I bet there are many flags from where Reading residences come from. This requirement should take about 15-30 minutes WORK!
Mike Wilson
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Postby lifescoutforlife » Thu Oct 26, 2006 6:27 am

Do some research, back when I was in scouts a scout did his eagle project by researching our very small town and turning it into a pamplet with all the info and passing them out. Everyone in our town was amazed on what was really there and other things that were a part of it's past.
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Postby deweylure » Thu Oct 26, 2006 10:31 am

Another good source of info is to READ the merit badge pamphlet. It helps. The internet is good but I have have found as a counselor manym scouts are using it as there only resource. Try using communication skills. Ask your counselor,parents teachers for some guidance.

In the old days we had a library there was no computer internet.

Don't give up keep working hard.

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