Citizenship in the Nation: Letter

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Re: Citizenship in the Nation: Letter

Postby WVBeaver05 » Sat Sep 20, 2008 11:51 am

WeeWillie wrote:SM168

I recommend a MBP during the introduction. If a Scout can get MBP, I would help get one. If a Scout does not meet the MBP standards because he didn't want to buy a MBP, or borrow a MBP from the troop library, tough! I have yet to encounter the first scenario.

Interesting you mentioned tracking, trailing and stalking. I plan on introducing them on a future camp out. Maybe this weekend, but we have a 10 mile Hike sceduled. If there is enough interest, I might try semaphore.

You forgot
2nd Class
2a Take 3 hikes on separate days
10b Build a fire with only 2 matches

1st Class
2d On one camping trip carry a pack for 1 1/2 miles
4 Using a compass and step measurement create a sketch map
5 Point out the North Star and 5 constellations
6 Find 5 edible plants and prepare/eat one
10a Show you retained your 2nd Class 1st Aid skills

Oh the good ol days and the memories of these requirements!!!

Don't have my 1960's handbook handy, but weren't those all 5 mile hikes? And, as I recall, there was a 2nd class requirement to cook a meal without utensils.

Being a tech/geek even back then I didn't really like semaphore, so I took the Morse code option for the communications requirement. Then as PL, my guys wanted to learn semaphore, so guess what I had to do. :lol:


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