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Re: Citizenship in the Community MB

Postby cballman » Sat Aug 02, 2008 8:48 am

IMHO if a child went to an organization and made the contact then I believe that that child has done one of the hardest things a child can do. He had to talk to at least one stranger that he has no clue what kind of person they are. Also the petty squabbling about service hours that are demeaning is not very scoutlike. We as leaders and or parents or even fellow scouts need to remember that just because YOU are very outgoing and a workaholic does not mean that the scout or scouts in question is the same way. If we see that these kids need a little help with talking to someone or that they are struggling we need to ask the child if he or she wants any help. Maybe just a little pep talk and a little praise would go a long way to help this child. Always remember that we are still classified as LEADERS not dictators.
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Re: Citizenship in the Community MB

Postby WeeWillie » Fri Aug 29, 2008 10:55 pm

The concept meets the requirement. I see problems with the implementation. As a Scout on Long Island, decorating graves at the Pinelawn National Cemetery was a district sponsored event. As a Scout Leader in Sierra Vista / Ft Huachuca, AZ, decorating graves at the Post Cemetery is also a district event. Participation at either event wouldn't meet the CIC requirement. It took / takes about 4 hours.

Some variations to the theme:

Visit local cemeteries and catalog veteran's graves for future decorations.

Inventory / repair flags so that they can be properly displayed.
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Re: Citizenship in the Community MB

Postby Bill Pitcher » Wed Sep 03, 2008 11:52 am

My original post was JUST TO FIND OUT if the VFW qualified! The posting of flags was just one of the ideas the VFW had to start accumulating the 8 hours of service. We realize that the boy and the VFW would then come up with other projects to help him reach the 8 hour requitement. But, thanks for all of the posts and suggestions.
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