First Aid Merit Badge Question

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SHould First Aid MB Be required before all OutdoorActivity MB that have a First aid REquirement

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Re: First Aid Merit Badge Question

Postby alex gregory » Wed Sep 03, 2008 1:55 pm

smtroop168 wrote:But then again, swimmimg isn't required for lifesaving so why should 1st aid be.

Good point. Swimming MB is about basic skills. Lifesaving MB (reg. 1b) requires a lot more than basic skills; i.e. demonstrated ability to maintain a strong enough stroke to save another person in the water and hopefully not drown in the process. In the case of Lifesaving MB, requiring the Swimming MB would simply not be good enough.

A MB with a first aid component can and should be designed to require demonstrated command of the first aid skills that are specific to that MB. Begs the question, why are road-rash, fractures and sprains not on the laundry list of injuries that typically occur while cycling in req 1 of the Cyling MB (an editting oversight no doubt)?
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