Camping Merit badge Days/Nights Requirement

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Re: Camping Merit badge Days/Nights Requirement

Postby 9009scoutmaster » Wed Jan 11, 2012 4:05 pm

cdwscout wrote:
scoutaholic wrote:
cdwscout wrote:Including summer camp, our troop here in South Texas camps 10 out of 12 months a year, so we get about 24 nights a year. All our weekend campouts are two nights, though some people leave early and sometimes we get rained out. Obviously, our May/August campouts are much more popular than our December/January campouts, but we survive. I guess it just depends on the local climate for the camping nights/year.

I always told my scouts, 'we will camp weather or not.' There were 2-3 occasions I remember altering activities for the day, but I never cancelled the camp. It wasn't the weather climate that kept us from camping more, it was the CO/Religious climate.

Our troop camps with families in one area, scouts in another, so individual families will sometime choose to leave. Also, if the family towing the trailer with scout gear ends up leaving, then everybody has to either leave or use their own gear.

Maybe we are lucky in the fact that we usually have a extra tow vehicle on camping trips. Also if a family parent does tow one of the units trailers they are responsible for having the trailer towed back at the scheaduled end of the trip. We have had a member of that family return the next day to pick up the trailer if there was no one else that could tow the trailer.
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