Computers MB pamphlet, Details about "Req. 8" (Copyrights)

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Computers MB pamphlet, Details about "Req. 8" (Copyrights)

Postby RWSmith » Thu Feb 17, 2011 12:30 pm

Anybody with a copy of the current Computers MB pamphlet care to share some details about how the pamphlet covers "Req. 8" (Copyrights)?

Computers MB wrote:8. Explain the following to your counselor:
  1. Why copyright laws exist.
  2. Why it is not permissible to accept a paid, copyrighted computer game or program from a friend unless the game or program is considered freeware or shareware. Explain the concepts of freeware and shareware.
  3. The restrictions and limitations of downloading music from the Internet.


....especially regarding the terms "paid, copyrighted", "freeware" and "shareware".

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Re: Computers MB pamphlet, Details about "Req. 8" (Copyrights)

Postby FrankJ » Thu Feb 17, 2011 1:15 pm

Maybe the requirement is written by the other BSA? (Business Software Alliance) :)

My copy of the computer MBC precedes the current version on the internet. But the definitions should be the standard one.

Paid, copyrighted: Bit a of misnomer, since copyrighted material can be freely distributed if the owner allows that. What they really mean is when the terms of the software license does not allow you to sell or give away copies.

Freeware. Software that is distrusted freely. Still can be copyrighted and have terms & conditions. Open Office, Ubuntu (linux operating system), Fire Fox, lots of Google apps, the free version of AVG, lot of small apps are good examples.

Shareware: Not as common these days. Software that is freely distributed, but the owners request a payment or contribution if you like it. Payment will often get you an enhanced version & documentation. Still copyrighted. Vary terms apply.

The hazards of downloading music from the internet? Legally purchased music that has DRM (digital rights management) will eventually take you music away when that version of DRM goes obsolete. Downloading music that has been place on the internet without the copyright holders permission is illegal & might get you into trouble.
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