Growth Has Its Pains

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Growth Has Its Pains

Postby optimist » Thu May 29, 2008 8:40 am

We hit the bandwidth limit last month and I had the limit raised to 50 Gigs. We've hit the bandwidth limit again this month so its now raised to 60 Gigs. We'll see what happens next month...
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Postby milominderbinder2 » Thu May 29, 2008 12:29 pm

Oh my!

Congratulations for the success!

I know that now is the time that people are downloading the Worksheets in a BIG way. Entire summer camps are downloading them and printing them. Troops are downloading them for all of their Scouts going to camp as well.

Plus now that we have a full set of Webelos and Cub Scout worksheets, those pages are really starting to get some traffic as well.

Although each workbook is only about a 100k, you are supplying them across the entire US. I get so many emails. Many are stunned that this is not an official BSA site. So many ask how could a Scouter be able to do this.

Little do most people know that all of this rests on the shoulders of this guy named Mike.

Thank you so much.

- Craig
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