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Re: Special Needs

Postby milominderbinder2 » Fri Jul 11, 2008 9:32 pm

mhjacobson wrote:Craig:

Please read the Scouting for Youth with Disabilities Manual. The advancement procedures in the manual accurately reflect those in the current Advancement Committee and Advancement manuals.
I think by Advancement Manual you mean the Advancement Policies? I was the one who transcribed the current Advancment Policies for MeritBadge.Org. A Council Advancement Chair not only reads those guides, you practically sleep with them.

The Special Needs text is here:
http://meritbadge.org/wiki/index.php/Yo ... cial_Needs

(Quoted from: Advancement Policies #33088, p. 40)

''The chartered organizations using Scouting determine, with approval from appropriate medical authorities, whether a youth member is qualified to register (based on the above definitions) beyond the normal registration age. The Cubmaster's signature on the Cub Scout application, the Scoutmaster's signature on the Boy Scout application, the Varsity Scout Coach's signature on the Varsity Scout application, the Advisor's or Skipper's signature on the Venturing application, or on the unit's charter renewal application certify the approval of the chartered organization for the person to register. The local council must approve these registrations on an individual basis."

The charter organization determines, appropriate medical authorities approve, and the local council approves the Special Needs registration.

In Boy Scouts...

(Quoted from: Advancement Policies #33088, p. 42)

"A Scout who has a permanent physical or mental disability and is unable to complete all of the requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, or First Class rank may submit a request to the council advancement committee to complete alternate requirements."

For Star through Eagle...
(Quoted from: Advancement Policies #33088, p. 43)
10. The application must be approved by the council committee responsible for advancement, utilizing the expertise of professional persons involved in Scouting for people with special needs.

Where in the Advancement Policies does it say that you should not be talking with the Scout's local council? If they will be the ones making the final approvals, why not make sure you are on the same page (and book) from the beginning?

- Craig
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Re: Special Needs

Postby mhjacobson » Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:01 pm

Gee Craig I apologize that my simplifying the name from Advancement Policies Manual to Advancement confused you as to my knowledge of what is to occur. Now to the meet.

The section that you quoted in your first quote (p40) has to do with registering scouts in a unit when they are past the registration age for the program in question, and, of course they would need council approval for that as it is an exception to normal policy. Yes you are soooo right. However, this is one of the exceptions that is not necessary if the scout was registered in a special needs unit (as I have said). This does not cover those scouts with special needs who registered in an age appropriate unit. There is no advanced notice to council that those scouts are special needs as their registrations are accepted without question.

Now for your quote from the advancement policies p42 -- there is a slight disconnect and once again I request that you review the Scouting for Youth with Disabilities Manual which contains ALL OF THE FORMS TO BE USED (and the {currently} optional Individual Scout Advancement Plan) and you will see that the alternate advancement requirements are designed at the local scout unit (not at the council) are then approved by the District Advancement Committee who forwards them up to the Council Advancement Committee. If all of the lines are completed, the scout is registered in a Scouting for Youth with Disabilities Unit or substantiating documentation is attached, it will be approved.

For Star thru Eagle: Again the form is initiated at the local level (the unit completes the form, obtains the necessary signatures, and then suggests the substitute merit badges) routes the form through the District Advancement Committee, who approves the form and forwards it to the Council Advancement Committee. If YOU WOULD LOOK AT THE FORM WHICH IS IN THE MANUAL, YOU WILL FIND THAT THE DISTRICT ADVANCEMENT COMMITTEE SIGN-OFF IS THERE!

I never said that one could not talk to the Council Advancement Committee, I keep on repeating, over and over, the policy and procedures that have been established for modifying the advancement requirements for Scouts with Disabilities, and (hold on to your hat) I am current working on the proposal to modify these procedures even as I write this to the forum. The procedures will have to go to the taskforce, and then to the advancement policies committee, and then to the board, as thay all have, and the manuals will be slightly out of sinc (as they are now, which is why I keep on referring you to the Scouting for Youth with Disabilities Manual {which is the most recent}) and keep; on wondering why I have to keep on responding to posts where you post incorrect information.

Good bye have a nice weekend!
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