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Re: ESSPW - Big changes

Postby FrankJ » Wed Dec 21, 2011 5:41 pm

I know dead people who got that way from ignoring basic safety rules. Just saying. The risk management people stay up nights knowing that when you use dangerous stuff, accidents will happen. Our job is not to be stupid & mitigate the risks as much as we can so the risk management people can get some sleep & we can still have fun.
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Re: ESSPW - Big changes

Postby smtroop168 » Wed Dec 21, 2011 7:23 pm

Fred Johnson wrote:Topic was raised at last night's troop meeting.

ESSPW says: "*Power tools considered hazardous, like circular saws, must be operated by adults who are experienced in their use. See the Guide to Safe Scouting." I don't see it yet in the 2011 G2SS but I know a new G2SS is coming. So...

The project in question has a fair number of cuts to be done and a good number of screws to be added. So here's what I was going to suggest to the coach / scout.

#1 Eagle candidate should hold a short training session for scouts using any tool or any process.

#2 Skilled adults only - circular saws, power saws, power miter box

#3 Scouts - hand held power drills for pre-drilling holes and driving screws

QUESTION - hand-held router for rounding edges. I'm more concerned with quality then safety with this one. Routers are pretty safe if handled appropriately. So if the eagle candidate can train another scout to use it with sufficient quality, do you think it's okay to have a scout using a power router? Heck, I'd rather have a scout using a power router than an axe yard.


I think the G2SS guys are in the process of writing a section on EPs and cross referencing it to the GTA/EWB but I don't know where it stands honestly. We had a bunch of wording in one of the GTA drafts that didn't make the final book. This wording included what's in the GTA about the G2SS is working on it so I'm going to guess the final wording will be about the same. I don't think they will be quoting OSHA standards.

Not sure so don't quote me on it and don't shoot the messenger but I think it'll end up that hazardous jobs and certain tool and equipment use must be limited to adults at least 18 years old. Under 18 may not work at heights or on ladders, operate machinery such as power woodworking or metalworking equipment or machinery such as chainsaws, band saws, drill presses, or table and circular saws (Basically anything with a moving blade) but can use smaller handheld tools such as power drills, screwdrivers, and sanders. Also may have info on use of potentially hazardous chemicals such as paints, stains, lacquers, etc.
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Re: ESSPW - Big changes

Postby 9009scoutmaster » Tue Jan 03, 2012 5:27 pm

FrankJ wrote:In real life, it is going to be whatever YOUR council decides to accept. :) If it was my decision, if the project has district (council) approval, then use the paper work (work book) that was approved to finish the project. After some reasonable date announced by council only projects using the new work book would be approved. This means projects approved using the old (now current) workbook will be completed over the next couple of years, but you do not make the scout rewrite the project in the new workbook.

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My son has only likes having his project approved by our district. I only learned of the change in Nov. Our district advancement chairman informed me that all scouts that had already started on they project using the old workbook would continue in that workbook and that all new projects would use the new workbook.
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Re: ESSPW - Big changes

Postby Bill Pitcher » Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:36 am

We have started the Scouts using the new ESSPWB and have heard no complaints yet! Has anyone run into problems? How about the production of the "Final Plan?"

Of course, there were a few surprises for boys who's leaders do not come to round tables to get the latest news about the new workbook and the new GTA. Go figure!! When I told their leaders at a recent ESBoR, they were shocked to be shown a copy of the new workbook. Ha, Ha!
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Re: ESSPW - Big changes

Postby smtroop168 » Wed Jan 11, 2012 7:16 pm

Bill Pitcher wrote:We have started the Scouts using the new ESSPWB and have heard no complaints yet!

Of course not, it is such as brilliantly written document that why would anyone complain? :wink:

Unless you are a member of the forum where some have had a hard time dealing with change.

I would be curious if anyone has decided "I don't have to do a FP"
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