Council JtE Procedures

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Council JtE Procedures

Postby agdparker » Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:19 pm

Back in November we turned in our completed Journey to Excellence application for our pack showing we met Gold level. The District Executive signed off on the form, but said the council didn't yet have procedures for dealing with the new JtE program in ScoutNet. I figured it would take some time, but last week at Roundtable we got our charter packets and the Quality Unit was marked as "N". When I asked our DE about it, he said they still didn't have a way to record the JtE status or procedures to deal with it at council. He'd been after council to implement some procedures, but nothing had been done yet. He told me that we could purchase the patches from the Scout store, but I'm wondering if other councils have this figured out or if its a ScoutNet issue?

How do your councils handle the new JtE awards?
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Re: Council JtE Procedures

Postby JH-SM-T03 » Sun Mar 11, 2012 9:28 pm


OUr charter year ended Dec 31 (Dan Beard COuncil) and I do not generally hear about any follow up till at least April if not May. Over the Last 40 years the time frame from turning in and getting the cards back has increased on both ends once we went to computer then to internet processing. So much for greater efficienty.
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